Infrastructure News

Now and Xen

Novell outlines its next phase of open source with Suse Linux and virtualization

Digital for under a dime

Camera manufacturers were asked to send us their best for under $1,000. What we got ranged in size and megapixels. But the winners were among the smallest and the biggest

Itanium in the shadows

SAN FRANCISCO – Itanium took a back seat to Intel’s announcements at this month’s bi-annual Developer Forum.

Desktop Linux and the enterprise

This year will see at least three new desktop open source suites aimed at the businesses. But buyers still don’t see a need to replace Microsoft

Intel makes power a priority

SAN FRANCISCO – Intel Corp. next generation microprocessors will emphasize improved energy efficiency and increased power performance.

Concept PCs

Personal computers and notebooks are breaking ground in style and concept with recent additions from Acer and Lenovo

SGI releases new Altix platform

The latest contender in the high-performance computing arena promises to deliver a scalable, flexible and space-efficient solution in blade server design

Autodesk eyes Wintel computing

Autodesk has been secretly working with Intel and Microsoft to transition its software to multi-core and 64-bit computing said its chief operating officer Carl Bass at the company’s University user conference.

Maxtor drives into enterprise

Maxtor Corp. is shipping its next-generation SATA II and ATA/133 MaXLine, QuickView and DiamondMax hard drives targeted at enterprise, consumer and desktop marketplaces.


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