Infrastructure News

Shad Young, Founder of CLIC

Like many other people Shad Young was concerned about SCO’s actions because Linux is his livelihood. Which is why he created the Canadian Linux Interests Coalition to combat SCO and its controversial claim on open sourcern

Doug Cooper, Country Manager, Intel Canada

He speaks on everything from PCs to copyright, but this year Doug Cooper made his mark on the industry by giving WiFi a national boost. Through imaginative marketing Canadians are now hunting for wireless hotspots and demanding Centrino-based laptops.rn

History of high tech

Important to know about history only to help you not make the mistakes of the pastrn

Linux: ready for prime time?

In mission-critical environments where support is not readily available, Linux is a great choice. But despite its many charms on the server side, Linux may not be the desktop OS of choice.rn

Memory makers

Montreal-based memory distributors have cornered the upgrade market in Canadarn

At your service

The Web services hype is ahead of its capabilities, but over the next 12 to 18 months you will see more extranet and business-to-business implementations of the technologyrn

Hip to be J-Squared

AMD rep J-Squared may have an odd name, but its technical edge is noticeablern


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