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Apple Business Manager available in U.S. today, Canada by end of June

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Canadian IT companies will soon be able to manage Apple’s tight-knit ecosystem through the new Apple Business Manager.

Available to Canadians and 65 other countries by June 31, the service will, for the first time, launch support for Apple device enrollment and volume purchasing. The iPhone, iPad and Mac machines can all be integrated. Apple Business Manager is available now in the U.S., the company announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) earlier this week.

Apple says the new platform allows IT to assign necessary privileges to admin team users, set MDM solutions based on device type and manage App Store purchases and licenses across various locations for organizations. According to its website, the App Store has more than 235,000 business apps.

The WWDC also unveiled the iOS12, available for all devices that ran iOS 11. Apple says the primary focus this time around was on speed and performance. The new OS will come with a new  automatic index, powered by machine learning, that groups pictures of events such as concerts or sports games together. Siri also got a small upgrade. The voice-assistant can now connect to the The Shortcuts app, letting users create minor routines for Siri so she can execute things across different apps.

Update: An Apple spokesperson has confirmed to CDN that as of June 21, Apple Business Manager is live in Canada.


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