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Rubrik launches Radar SaaS platform for recovery from ransomware

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Data management company Rubrik launched a new application yesterday designed to help companies recover quickly from a ransomware attack.

Built for Rubrik’s Polaris SaaS platform, which launched in April, Polaris Radar uses machine learning to give organizations a deep understanding of how a ransomware attack impacted their critical applications and perform some damage control. The software then automates the manual recovery process, letting users select the applications and files they want to restore to the most recent clean state with just “a few clicks” the company explained in a statement.

The Rubrik Polaris SaaS Platform. Courtesy Rubrik.

According to a recent NTT Security survey, ransomware attacks rose 350 per cent in 2017 over the previous year. Another survey suggests the security most organizations have in place doesn’t measure up – 71 per cent of organizations were infected by ransomware after it successfully bypassed their prevention controls  This is a clear sign that prevention measures should be paired with equally strong recovery applications, said Soham Mazumdar, Rubrik Co-Founder and Chief Architect.

“Radar drives the speed and intelligence necessary to quickly assess the attack’s impact and minimize the crippling effects of downtime and data loss,” he explained in a statement.

Polaris Radar is available now on the Polaris platform as a subscription-based service.

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