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All Hands on Tech – Asus Zenscreen

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With a surprisingly thin body and a near-invisible bezel, this portable monitor easily slides into your brief case or purse to provide that needed extra screen real estate when you’re on the road. A cover can double as a kickstand or you can even prop it up simply by using a pen, thanks to a trick of design from Asus. Although it’s not the highest resolution or even brightness when compared to full-powered monitors, this does offer a low cost alternative for business travellers that crave that extra productivity offered by a second screen. There’s a couple of hitches in using this device, as it requires a laptop powerful enough to support it, doesn’t work with Macs, and requires a special driver to get running.

Watch the full video to see if this Zenscreen will bring zen to your work life, or if just picking up a tablet might be a better option.

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