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Best Security Solution at CDN Channel Elite Awards 2015

We all know that technology is a driver of change – the channel lives this every day. And so too, our awards change correspondingly. That’s why this year, we have added a new category: The Best Security Solution.


Graycon of Calgary is a company that knows what it means to work as a team. A Calgary-based solution provider, this company’s Managed Security Service – Endpoint MSS-EP provides proactive managed anti-virus endpoint protection services, including third-party application patching through a centralized security console.

With this solution, the team can see whether there’s an issue or threat and proactively take action to remediate. This solution saved hours by automating third-party patch management and in some cases hundreds of hours per month by reducing downtime because of a breach or virus outbreak.


Infinite IT Solutions was called in a panic by the City of Orangeville. The city’s municipal network was getting hit by a Distributed Denial of Service attack. While the city was in a panic, this Mississauga, Ont.-based solution provider did everything but panic. It rebuilt the entire network in 48 hours. Because of its security prowess, the cyberattack was dissolved quickly and the city today enjoys full data integrity across all its networks.


New to the channel, HoneyTek Systems, with state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre in Etobicoke, made the Top 100 for the first time this year. Using custom profiles and policies, they created an innovative unified access solution to secure and accelerate both Exchange and SharePoint which delivered an improved in performance of more than 5 times while decreasing bandwidth consumption by more than 30 times.

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