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New ‘Wallet Card’ allows you to ditch all your debit and credit cards

Tired of carrying around all your debit and credit cards? With Dynamics Inc.’s new Wallet Card, you won’t have to anymore.

This time on All Hands on Tech, Brian is on the ground in Las Vegas at CES 2018 to take a look at the new Wallet Card. CIBC customers may already be familiar with this type of technology with the Tim Horton’s Visa CIBC Double Double card.

The Wallet Card is a merging of digital payments with physical payments. Just like you can store multiple debit or credit cards on your phone, you can store multiple payment accounts on this card. That means no more having to replace your physical card when there’s suspicion of fraud. Your bank can just issue your new credentials directly to your wallet.

And for more from CES 2018, stay tuned to IT World Canada.

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