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CDN Top 100 Solution Providers Best Mobile Provider Award: CompuCom Canada

(Left to right) Compucom Canada's VP of account management Domenic Creo, SVP of sales Reem Gedeon, and presenter HP Canada's president and CEO Mary Ann Yule

Smartphones, tablets and even wearables are giving employees access to company information wherever they are, whenever they like. This also inevitably leads to more operating systems and applications, not to mention the added potential for security risks, for IT to manage and support.

CompuCom Canada has been custom-tailoring solutions for clients for 30 years, and the rise in popularity of smartphones did was something the company not only anticipated, but prepared for.

“We were able to leverage 30-plus years of experience in managing lifecycle services for “traditional” laptops and desktops to make the natural leap to the mobility space. Mobile devices are essentially another end-user device,” Steve Pike, vice-president of marketing and sales enablement for CompuCom Canada, tells CDN. “Mobile devices are essentially another end-user device, and our lifecycle programs encompass a variety of traditional and leading-edge devices and enable these ‘different panes of glass’ to be effectively managed within the same ITIL process and governance structure.”

This type of mindset has helped the company earn this year’s Mobility Provider Award for the CDN Top 100 Solutions Provider 2017.



  • 90 per cent of employees use mobile devices to access business applications from outside the office, according to Avast.
  • According to Gartner, 36 per cent of employees receive laptops from employers, and only 23 per cent are issued smartphones.
  • CompuCom manages 6.4 million devices, more than 1 million of which are mobile devices, according to CompuCom.


CompuCom Canada has several options within its Enterprise Mobility Solutions, helping companies not only pick the right devices that fit their mandate and work schedules, but also manage them and provide 24/7 technical support. Its Self-Healing technology automates services that keep technology up and running by monitoring device performance in real time, automatically detecting and resolving issues, outages and failures.

Building on this technology is a significant part of the company’s strategy for the rest of 2018.

“This is one way that we’re driving CompuCom Canada’s overall strategy this year to grow our core business, new business and small- and medium-sized business clients,” says Pike.

CompuCom Canada is also looking to shed its “best kept secret” title and improve its brand awareness in the marketplace.

“A number of clients we talked to in the past 18 months have been surprised that we have mobility services. We listened and as a result, became laser-focused on ensuring that our message is clear and heard,” says Pike. “We have redefined how we execute internally with our marketing and product management teams, and are seeing positive results from that effort.”

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