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Expansion to Jabra VXi V-Series headsets targets mobile workers


The latest expansion to Jabra’s VXi V-Series wireless headsets focus on the on-the-go worker lifestyle without abandoning any deskphone compatibility.

In order to provide the type of headset that would be ideal for mobile workers, Jabra dialed on the wireless range of the new V175 and V300 (pictured above), increasing the range of the headsets to 350 feet. For the V175, this means that employees will now be able to take calls from as far as 350 feet away from their deskphone via the headset, while V300 users can range that far from whichever deskphone, PC, or smartphone the headset is connected too.

According to Jabra, this will give workers more options to be more productive with the increased distance. For example, if an employee needs to grab a physical file, they no longer need to interrupt their phone call.

Likewise for remote workers, the V300’s range allows for use throughout your average sized household, meaning users could continue a conversation wherever they please with the headset.

The battery life for the new V-Series devices has been boosted to roughly 10 hours on one charge. Other features include a noise-cancelling microphone, one-touch controls, a choice of three wearing styles in headband, ear hook, and neckband, and an optional VEHS Electronic Hook Switch that allows users to answer and end calls from anywhere in that 350-foot radius.

The Jabra VXi V-Series wireless headsets are available now. The V175 goes for $129.99 USD, while the V300 goes for $179.99 USD.

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