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Hashtag Trending – Waymo launching its own ride-hailing service, Refined Twitter, Apple’s new HQ giving employees headaches

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Google’s self-driving division is preparing to launch its own ride-hailing service. A new browser extension cleans up Twitter on your desktop. And Apple’s new spaceship headquarters are becoming a real pain for some employees.

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Trending on Reddit: An application with the Arizona state department of transportation indicates that Waymo, Google’s self-driving vehicle division, is about to make Uber’s worst nightmare come true. According to U.S. business outlet Quartz, the division has been cleared to launch a ride-hailing service in Phoenix that will utilize its fleet of self-driving cars, and according to a Waymo representative it’s scheduled to launch this year. Waymo had been testing its vehicles in the Phoenix area since last November; so far, they have driven more than 4 million miles on public roads.

A desktop browser extension that, in the words of its creator, “improves the Twitter experience by removing cruft and adding new features” is currently the number one item on Product Hunt. In a nutshell, Refined Twitter embeds linked Instagram photos in displayed tweets, allows users to view a list of all tweets they have liked, hides promoted and suggested tweets, and generally makes the user’s Twitter window look cleaner.

Courtesy Refined Twitter developer Sindre Sorhus

Finally, on Facebook: Apple’s new “spaceship” headquarters are making some of its employees literally bang their heads against the wall. According to Bloomberg, the glass that surrounds the massive, ring-shaped office that serves as the building’s centrepiece is so crystal clear that Apple’s iPhone-distracted employees keep smacking into it. Apparently staff have tried marking the 45-foot-tall glass panes with Post-It notes, but the notes were removed because they detracted from the building’s design. An Apple spokesperson contacted by Bloomberg declined to comment.

Source: Matthew Roberts via YouTube

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