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Insight Canada launches managed services for Apple products

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Insight Canada is introducing Insight Managed Services for Apple, the Apple partner announced this morning.

“Apple users are passionate about iPhone, iPad and Mac, and companies need to be able to deliver the best experience at work,” said John Dathan, senior vice-president and general manager for Insight Canada. “Employees today expect to use the best technology and in many cases that means the same technology they use in their personal lives, and that’s why Insight believes fully in the vision of Apple at Work—where every employee gets access to the tools they love to do their best work, securely and with superior IT support.”

The service will complement Insight’s existing Insight Managed Mobility for Apple, the U.S-only equivalent of the Insight Managed Services for Apple. Insight deploys, supports and manages Apple devices across clients’ through both services, ensuring frequently-used applications such as Microsoft Office, Salesforce and Cisco WebEx the way they should. The 2018 Insight Intelligent Technology Index says 36 per cent of IT professionals and their employees expect “more intelligent technology experiences.” Investing in managed services was a way to accomplish that, respondents suggested.

“Employee choice is better for productivity, and Insight makes it easy to adopt iOS or macOS into any enterprise environment,” said David Mayer, vice-president and general manager of connected workforce at Insight. “Employees can work and innovate the way they want today, better enabling our clients to grow and transform for tomorrow.”

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