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New Jabra headphones designed for music and voice-first devices like Alexa


Jabra says its latest lineup of headphones are designed for both music and voice capabilities.

The Elite franchine was shown off at CES Monday and includes four new products: the Elite 45e, Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t. All three follow in the footsteps of Jabra’s Elite Sport lineup of headphones, according to the company.

Each pair of headphones contain specific microphone configurations to ensure users are always heard, whether they’re speaking to a family member or to Alexa.

The Elite 45e, available early April for $170 USD, is tailored for a combined voice and music solution, says Jabra, and is not only lightweight but contains a unique box microphone that, according to Jabra, delivers the clearest voice communication on any stereo wireless headphone.

Fans of wireless headsets might gravitate towards the Elite 65t, engineered for a stable wireless connection and voice quality. It also has one-touch access to Siri, Google Now and Alexa on-the-go with a 15-hour battery lifespan. It will be available mid-January in selected retailers for $170 USD.

Lastly, the Elite Active 65t, which functions similarly to the Elite 65t, boast an enhance grip through special coating and an integrated accelerometer for tracking features. The headphones, available early April for $190 USD, also have IP56 sweat, water and dust certification, and has five hours of listening time on one charge with two additional charges in the headphone cradle.

Jabra’s existing pair of headphones for physical training, the Jabra Elite Sport, is available for $350 CDN.

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