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Oracle beefs up integration suite to handle mobile, Web apps


Oracle Corp. has added mobile and Web app integration capability to its software connecting enterprise systems to enable data sharing and cross-application work.

Oracle SOA (service-oriented architecture) Suite 12c system, which was released yesterday, also gets additional management controls for file transfer protocol data (FTP) data transfers, according to the company.

The suite is enables bridge systems by using their different communication protocols and formats such as Extensible Markup Language (XML) and comma-separated value (CSV) as well as vendor-specific or custom protocols and formats.

Now, the SOA Suite 12c system can be used for mobile and Web application data transfers because the software can recognize the data formats and protocols used by these applications, Amit Zavery, Oracle’s group vice-president for the company’s Fusion Middleware line of software, said in an interview with Computerworld.com.

The latest iteration of the suite also has adapters that can take JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). JSON is increasingly becoming the data formatting protocol of choice for mobile and Web applications. SOA Suite can also translate other data in formats, such as XML, into JSON.

REST (Representational State Transfer) support will also provide an easy conduit to the outside world. REST is popular for communicating with external Internet services, providing an easier-to-deploy alternative to the Web services stack, which SOA also supports, said Zavery.

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