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The mobile revolution has already happened: CDW Canada


We hear a lot of talk about why and how Canadian businesses should go mobile. But according to a new survey, they’re already there.

According to a survey of Canadian businesses by solution provider CDW Canada, some 56 per cent 56 per cent of Canadian organizations have already integrated tablet PCs into their IT environment. And those that aren’t too far down that road yet are driving in the same direction with 48 per cent of respondents ranking mobility and wireless as one of their top business priorities for 2014.

What does the typical mobile IT environment for a Canadian business look like? The survey found 36 per cent favoured Windows 8 tablet PCs for business use, followed by the Apple iPad at 22 per cent.

In other findings, 21per cent said mobility was the biggest IT project their organization tackled last year. And breaking down respondents’ concerns around mobility and wireless, 31 per cent named device management, 20 per cent cited securing corporate data and 20 per cent also mentioned maintaining network performance.

“The use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has become ubiquitous for Canadians, and Canadian organizations are fast recognizing and responding to this reality,” says Daniel Reio, director of marketing for CDW Canada, in a statement. “As employees look to remotely access the corporate network, it’s become incumbent upon companies of all sizes to ensure the mobile experience is satisfactory while making sure that corporate data is inherently secure.”

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