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Avnet does a Recon on security


Avnet Inc. introduced its managed security service program for Canada and the U.S. named Recon, a military abbreviation of the word Reconnaissance meaning to explore the area.

But in Avnet’s working vernacular Recon provides channel partners with around the clock security monitoring and management and has been designed to enhance partners’ practices and margins in the security and services markets. Partners can offer the service either as their own branded offering through a white-label approach or as an Avnet-branded service.

According to Avnet, security is a high-growth market for IT spending. The Ponemon Institute released new research that shows the total cost of data breach has increased 29 per cent since 2013, with the average data breach costing a company approximately $4 million.

IDC Canada recently released a study that found 40 per cent of business do not reopen after a disaster and another 25 per cent fail within one year.

Alex Ryals

Alex Ryals

Alex Ryals, vice president of security and networking solutions for Avnet Technology Solutions in Americas, which includes the Canadian region, said threat monitoring and detection is one of the most in-demand aspects of security among end users. However, offering these types of services in-house is a personnel- and resource-intensive proposition. With Recon, Avnet has invested on the partners’ behalf to give them a way to monitor their customers’ security environments without draining their resources.

Avnet suggests Recon be bundled with security solutions from Cisco Systems, Checkpoint Software and F5 Networks as it will provide continuous threat detection and remediation through a unified security management system.

The service also features on premise collection, correlation and analysis with cloud-based monitoring and remediation. Solution providers can include assessment, discovery, and networking capabilities as part of its managed security service practice.

In addition, Recon provides host-based intrusion detection, file integrity monitoring, compliance reporting and vulnerability assessment options.

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