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HPE updates backup suite with new security features


The latest updates to Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Adaptive Backup and Recovery (ABR) Suite have kept security in mind.

New features announced for the Data Protector, Backup Navigator, and Storage Optimizer solutions within the suite focus around reducing costs and downtime. Updates also include a new user interface, always-on security capabilities such as rest APIs, and automation capabilities.

“Customers want more flexible deployment models,” said Stephen Spellicy, vice president of product management of IM&G at HPE Software, said over the phone to CDN. “Whatever infrastructure they are deploying into, these enhancements continue to update that security posture.”

The ABR suite was released last fall comprising of three backup solutions. Data Protector acts as the core data protection and enterprise backup recovery technology. Backup Navigator is the analytics and reporting tech that takes data out of Data Protector and visualizes it as predictive analytics. Store Optimizer then allows users to scan their production storage looking for any areas of optimization and potential risk.

Data Protector 10.00

The main update to Data Protector focuses on securing the communication between Data Protector components, or ‘secure tiering’. This allows HPE to lock down the communication between the backup clients that get protected, the backup server where it runs on, and the back up storage target. “We introduced this capability to effectively triangulate security between the three points,” said Spellicy.

The updated user interface for Data Protector can now be accessed either via the web, a command-line, or through APIs in dev-ops environments. The new dashboard also includes an updated version of HPE’s scheduler that is now consolidated with the previous version. Update telemetry is included as well.

“We added telemetry functionality allowing us to understand the customer environment better, so that we can better protect them,” said Spellicy. “This not only has an impact on support ability, but it also helps us keep track of licensing and overuse of our product. So it’s a win for the customer and a win for us.”

Backup Navigator 9.60

The operational analytics and reporting capability arm of the ABR Suite helps users find potential issues and threats relative to their entire operation. In the 9.60 update, automation technolgoy allows for ‘auto-recommendation’. If the environment detects that there is an area that may be able to be optimized, or improved, or prevent a particular issue, a notification through the recommendation screen will tell a user how to fix that problem.

“It effectively reduces the amount of time it takes to troubleshoot, which will improve their up-time availability,” said Spellicy.

Further updates include monitoring and reporting for VM Explorer environments that allows for reporting on both Data Protector and VMX from the same reporting solution.

Storage Optimizer 5.50

“This is the technology that figures out where your inefficiencies are. For instance, stuff that has been stored on your server forever that no one has been using,” said Spellicy. “The benefit to backup comes from the fact that when you have less data to manage, you have less to backup.”

Updates include better extensibility into third party platforms such as NetApp, SharePoint 2016, and Windows Server 2016. It also improves security and reporting with metastore security group implementation to provide more ‘efficient assignment of permissions’.

Additionally, the entire ABR Suite is optimized to work alongside other HPE offerings such as StoreOnce, 3PAR, and StorEver.

The updated ABR Suite is available now across the globe, with pricing for the ultimate edition that contains each and every part starting at $6,070 USD per terabyte. While HPE did not specify the exact price changes, the more terabytes purchased, the lower that price gets.


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