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Intel, computer vendors working on always-connected PCs

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The idea of an always-connected PC  has been floating around for some time. Now it seems that the pieces are coming together.

Computers using Intel Corp.’s (NASDAQ: INTC) Skylake processor microarchitecture are likely going to be released soon, according to Mark Hachman, senior editor of PCWorld.com reports. The Skylake platform will include built-in LTE support.

Instead of physical cables, machines will use 802.11ac for connecting to indoor Wi-Fi networks, WiGig (wireless Gigabit, a wireless communication technology developed and promoted by the Wireles Gigabit Alliance) for connecting PC wirelessly to displays and charging mats, and LTE data connections for Internet access on the go.

Intel is reportedly poised to release its Skylake hardware reference designs to computer makers such as Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo by 2015.

Even wireless carriers are getting involved. Hachman did not name any companies but said work is being done on developing data plans that will support always-connected PCs.

Shared data plans, which put multiple devices under a single wireless plan will be needed to make this an attractive proposition.


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