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Intel Security and VMware announce integrated network security solution

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Intel Security and VMware are partnering to offer an integrated security solution to protect east-west traffic within a data centre.

The new offering will combine VMWare’s NSX network virtualization with Intel Security McAfee Network Security Platform to provide Intelligent Intrusion Prevention services (IPS).

According to Intel Security, service providers should benefit from simplified orchestration, chaining and service delivery.

“The tight integration between VMware NSX and Intel Security’s McAfee NSP means security controls follow application workloads, allowing customers to dynamically scale security services,” said Tom Corn, senior vice president of security products at VMware in a statement.

The new solution includes the McAfee’s NSP IPS-VM100-VSS, which was designed to work with VMware NSX, McAfee Network Security Manager, Intel Security Controller and VMWare NSX network virtualization platform.

Data traffic going between virtual machines is protected by McAfee’s IPS according to policies set by administrators.  The environment supports micro-segmentation, security profiles, workflows, policies and groups, is brokered by the Intel Security Controller.

“The McAfee NSP takes advantage of the VMware NSX platform’s distributed micro-segmentation enforcement and simplified automated provisioning, creating a zero-trust environment to automatically help protect organizations’ assets against advanced threats.” said Raja Patel, general manager for the network security business unit at Intel Security.


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  2. Laughable, if you buy VMware Workstation Pro, they throw in a copy of a trial version of McAfee’s Internet Security. Ooooooh. 😉

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