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Juniper Networks boosts firewall performance with new processing card

The SRX5400 Next-Generation Firewall.

Juniper Networks is upgrading its services processing card to try and keep up with increasingly complicated security demands that come with the rise of IoT, 5G and the enterprise edge. 

The networking product company announced last week their latest services processing card for the SRX5400, 5600 and 5800 next-generation firewalls, the SPC3. In an Aug. 7 press release, Juniper said the new card transforms the SRX5000 line into “one of the most powerful firewalls on the market.”

The SPC3 will allow customers to tap into more efficient operations, reduce energy and cooling costs and over time even scale their capabilities without service interruptions, said Amy James, director of security portfolio marketing for Juniper Networks, in a statement.

“With the rise of IoT, 5G and hybrid cloud network environments, many of our customers are faced with rapidly increasing bandwidth demands that necessitate a security platform that can scale while protecting the network against an advanced and high-volume cyberattack landscape,” she said. “Juniper’s SRX5000 line of firewalls with SPC3 Advanced Security Acceleration ensures our customers have powerful security without sacrificing the performance, scale and agility needed to stay aligned with changing business needs.”

SPC3 is available for pre-order now and is expected to ship later in the third quarter of 2018.

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