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Kaspersky announces private network offering among three service additions


Kaspersky has added three new services solutions and services to its cyber security portfolio.

Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform 

This combination of technology and services is designed to be a holistic approach to preventing, detecting, and mitigating threats and targeted attacks.

The solution is meant to confirm and investigate incidents as they happen, as well as predict future vectors of attack.

For employees in an organization, Kaspersky also provides awareness training. Furthermore, users of the platform can access what’s called Incident Response Service to analyze the attack and help manage the cost of remediation.

Security Intelligence Services

Purely awareness-focused, this service includes cybersecurity education for IT professional and awareness training for general employees, both in-person and online.

The service also provides threat intelligence to security professionals through threat data feeds, APT Intelligence Reporting, which are provide early access to descriptions of high-profile cyber-espionage campaigns, including indicators of compromise (IOC), and customer-specific threat intelligence reporting, which identify external employee social network profiles, personal email accounts and other information that can become targets.

Lastly, penetration testing, application security assessment, and digital forensics are also available.

Kaspersky Private Security Network


The last solution announced tries to offer benefits of Kaspersky’s cloud-based threat intelligence without the need to share information outside the local network.

Capabilities include real time threat intelligence, threat detection and immediate response.

The Private Security Network can be installed on the organization’s own data center where it is solely controlled by in-house IT. This is meant to help organizations comply with regulation, including requirements for air gaps.

Verticals Kaspersky is targeting include government, telecom, energy and industy and service providers.


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