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Optiv Security launches new service aimed at protecting privileged credentials

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Optiv Security is launching a new remotely delivered, managed service that protects an organization’s most important user accounts.

The new Privileged Access Managed Service solution is Optiv’s attempt to address unprotected privileged credentials, which according to a Forrester report, is responsible for a significant number of breaches – 80 per cent, to be exact. Add to that the growing number of endpoints companies install due to trends such as mobile, cloud and IoT, and the need for protecting privileged accounts becomes much more important.

Organizations need to take these gaps in security very seriously, from the inside out, said Bryan Wiese, Optiv’s vice-president of advisory services, in a July 16 press release.

“With breaches, often due to internal threats, connected devices and unprotected data on the rise, ensuring security via an effective identity and access management program is critical,” he said. “In addition, every organization should include privileged accounts as a key component of its identity access management program because they are high targets that offer attackers more access for their effort.”

Optiv is first teaming with CyberArk, an expert when it comes to privileged access security, to deliver the company’s latest IT security layer. A spokesperson for Optiv confirmed to CDN that the new solution will be available to customers and partners in Canada, but only through Optiv’s direct sales channels.


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