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Citrix introduces security consulting practice


ORLANDO – In addition to the numerous announcements already made so far at Citrix Synergy 2017 in Orlando, the American software giant will now be adding professional security consulting services to its offerings.

Citrix unveiled that its Consulting Services has formalized a Security Practice to help its customers protect their environments through security-specific guidance and risk management.

“Security Practice is a group of in depth experts who truly understand security and can help organizations assess their workspaces, understand how to protect their network, assess their overall network strategy, and craft and create a software-defined perimeter,” Citrix CEO Kirill Tatarinov explains to the audience at Synergy.

Available now in every country Citrix has partners, Security Practice will be delivered by fully certified Citrix consultants with extensive field experience across a variety of industry sectors, including financial services, healthcare, public sector, and more, Tatarinov continues.

The company has traditionally focused on three major pillars to align with its products and solutions portfolios – workspace delivery, networking and mobility – but is looking to expand its security offerings with this latest announcement. Security Practice “complements those existing focus areas with security-focused engagements,” says Ricardo Garcia, managing director of portfolio and service incubation.

Security Practice will provide digital workspace security assessments, in which consultants will assess all layers of an organization’s Citrix environment, identify security gaps, and provide recommendations to mitigate these gaps. It is also offering network protection strategy services that “evaluate, design, and implement a security strategy to protect web applications and assets from known and unknown actors;” in addition to network access strategies, where use case-driven, contextual access and policy configurations are implemented to manage traffic based on user permissions and URLs.

Finally, Security Practice will also offer Citrix customers access to network monitoring and insight strategy services in which the company aims to maximize visibility into and awareness of an organization’s environment “with end-to-end configuration and monitoring of Citrix IT assets.”

Tatarinov tells CDN that it will be a small, focused part of the Citrix portfolio that will not only consult and offer guidance, but also build a best practice or “security in a box” that Citrix will be able to deliver to other partners and customers.

“We’re fundamentally a tech company and focused on innovation, and we need to have professional services and consultants to deliver that, but more importantly, we want to define security best practices so that others can use this foundation to succeed with us,” he says.

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