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Citrix releases virtualized browser to manage web-based applications


More and more modern apps these days are browser-based for easy deployment and management, but while they seem to close some security loopholes, are they also opening themselves up to new ones?

Citrix seems to think so. The virtualization vendor has released what it’s calling Secure Browser designed to manage web-based and SaaS applications.

The company says that the prevalence of these types of apps have led to “complications” such as incompatibility between different browsers for the same program, configuring plugins and memorised passwords.

So even though Google Chrome allows for IT to create and manage enterprise instances, Citrix decided to go the extra mile. Apparently web browsers outnumber other applications published through Citrix XenApp, the company said.

In addition to the above concerns, Citrix Secure Browser also adds security by abstracting or virtualizing the endpoint, which the company claims eliminates the need for an end user VPN.

The browser is sold in three ways:

  • As a fully hosted service from Citrix starting at $20 per user per month with access to any number of web apps
  • As a perpetual license starting at $150 per user or device
  • Secure Browser Deployment Kit is free for XenApp and XenDesktop (excluding XenDesktop VDI edition) customers with active Subscription Advantage or software maintenance.

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