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Cylance shifts AI-security to the home market


Irvine, Calif.-based up-and-comer Cylance Inc. made a name for itself as one of the first security vendor to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to its portfolio of cybersecurity products.

The company, established in 2012, has focused on business for the most part. But that’s changing with the announcement that its flagship CylanceProtect product now comes in a Home Edition.

Cylance has a stated vision to: “Protect every computer, user and thing under the sun” and its anti-virus technology with artificial intelligence will now be available for consumers. But it will be a limited release at first.

Cylance will initially make the product available to employees of Cylance enterprise customers as a plan to extend the advanced prevention CylanceProtect from enterprise network endpoints to include the personal devices of employees and their families. Cylance believes this will reduce corporate information risk.

Christopher Bray, a senior vice president at Cylance and the head of its consumer division, said consumers have grown weary of traditional consumer anti-virus solutions rooted in 1990’s technology, complaining it slows their systems down, pesters them with pop-ups, and presents them with features they don’t need or understand.

Bray added that it’s time to bring in stronger protection.

“As a father and as an executive, I’m committed to delivering powerful AI-driven technology that truly pro-actively prevents today’s advanced malware from executing, stopping ransomware threats like WannaCry dead in their tracks without relying on signature updates, while also delivering a clean, elegant, and easy to understand user experience,” he said.

For CISO and the IT teams, CylanceProtect attempts to secure corporate data even when employees access corporate assets from their home devices. The Home Edition of CylanceProtect works similar to the enterprise version by disabling new malware and unknown future variants useless through the use of AI, the company said.

Some of the features of the Home Edition include:

  • Predicts and blocks never-seen-before malware that could otherwise attack the computers of enterprise employees and family members.
  • Automatically updates itself.

Cylance also has a consulting services are that works on network architectures, internal IR workflows, and patch management.

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