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Firewall vendor launches value-based partner program


Seattle-based multi-function firewall vendor WatchGuard Technologies has launched a new partner program – WatchGuardOne – that leverages a value-based model in addition to reseller certification and simple volume sales.

According to the vendor, with profit sharing partner programs such as Deal Registration and Security Pays, resellers can achieve combined discounts of more than 70 per cent under the new WatchGuardOne program.

“Well-trained and well-educated resellers have happier customers and end-users, with safer networks. It’s that simple,” said Alex Thurber, WatchGuard Technologies vice-president of sales, in a statement. “Our new partner program gives the power to the reseller, allowing them to determine their level of commitment and role in WatchGuardONE. By focusing on value rather than volume, our partners can concentrate on quality and competency of solutions and deployment, rather than their margin.”

The program offers Silver, Gold and Platinum membership levels, with discounts and rebates from 30 to 46 per cent depending on the partner’s level of commitment. Features of the new program include:

  • An emphasis on training and certification with virtual instructor-led training with multiple classes, topics and time zones.
  • Up-front discounts and back-end rebates allowing partners to choose their level of program involvement, with discounts based on the number of people each reseller trains and back-end rebates as a percentage of total purchase revenue.
  • Multi-channel selling giving partners the ability to sell online, in-store or in-person.

The new WatchGuardOne partner program officially launches in January 2015.

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