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Privacy and data protection enhanced in McAfee Mobile Security update


Security vendor McAfee has released an updated version of its McAfee Mobile Security offering with new features focused around privacy and the protection of personal data and online identity on Android devices.

Users can also now choose between basic and premium editions of McAfee Mobile Security. The basic version is free and includes select antivirus, backup and anti-theft capabilities, while the premium edition adds complete security and privacy protection tools, including in-app privacy features such as app privacy reporting, and call and SMS filtering.

“When consumers contemplate securing their smartphones and tablets, they often think in terms of their susceptibility to mobile malware, overlooking the very real threat to their privacy should their devices become lost or stolen,” said Ari Jaaksi, senior vice-president and general manager, mobile engineering and operations at McAfee, in a statement. “With McAfee Mobile Security basic we’re helping consumers protect their privacy at a baseline level at no cost, which we hope will help encourage users to take a more proactive role in securing their mobile devices and employ secure computing practices and protections.”

Among the new features in the premium version is a Multi-user App Profile function, which facilities the creation of multiple user profiles on a single device, each with customized access to the apps and data on the device. There’s a Data Exposure Analysis tool to help users judge the risky of different apps, and, which gives consumers the ability to assess the level of risk individual apps can pose, and a Hidden Device Admin Detector feature, which offers protection from Trojans.

McAfee is now offering a free two week trial of the premium edition through the Google Play app store for Android. After the trial, users can downgrade to the free version or purchase a 12-month subscription for 29.99.

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