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New appliance offers multi-layer data centre security

Data CentreSecurity

Internet and IT security solution vendor Check Point Software Technologies has launched the 13500, the first model in its new 13000 line of data centre network security appliances.

The 13500 Appliance delivers 23.6 Gbps of real-life firewall throughput, 5.7 Gbps of real-life IPS throughput and a 3,200 SecurityPower unit (SPU) fully flexible and high performance hardware configuration, and an array of optional Network Interface Controllers (NIC) solutions.

According to Check Point, the 13500 Appliance leverages a wide spectrum of software optimizations and accelerations that in turn maximize hardware utilization. Check Point’s multi-layer security protections have four pre-defined security packages including firewall, threat prevention, data protection and secure-Web gateway are supported on the 13500 Appliance.

“As cyber-attacks continue to increase and evolve in sophistication, ensuring data centre security has become a top priority for customers all over the world.  However data centre security should not be compromised by tradeoffs in performance,” said Paul Comessotti, Canadian regional director for Check Point Software Technologies, in a statement. “Our new 13000 Appliance family solves this challenge for our customers.”

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